New publication on lichens

Liu D., B. Goffinet, X. Wang, J.-S. Hur, M. Yang, H. Shi, Y. Zhang, C. An & L Wang. 2018. Another lineage of basidiolichen in China, with one new species and new record in the genera Dictyonemaand Lichenomphalia (Agaricales: Hygrophoraceae). Mycosystema 37: 849–864. pdf.


Abstract reads: Several specimens of basidiolichen belonging to the Hygrophoraceae were collected as part of the China lichen mycota. These belong to four species in two genera, Dictyonema and Lichenomphalia. Dictyonema yunnanum is described as new and Lichenomphalia velutina is newly recorded for Asia based on inferences from morphological, chemical and phylogenetic analysis. Dictyonema yunnanum is characterized by the dark aeruginous blue to black filamentous, ascending to erect, micro-fruticulose thallus. The species of lichenized Hygrophoraceae occurring in China are described and a key to distinguish them is presented.