Current and past research associates


2021-2022 Antoine Simon Dr. Antoine SimonPhylogenomic studies in the Lobariaceae (lichenized fungi).
2019-2022 Dr. Nikisha PatelPhylogenomics of and ploidy shifts in the Physcomitrium complex. Now Assistant Professor at Trinity College in Hartfort, CT.
2015 Lily_Bachelet Dr. Lily Lewis: Lichen diversification, now Director of postdoctoral affairs and academic communications at the University of Florida.
2012–2016 Rafa  Dr. Rafael Medina: Funariaceae systematics and phylogenomics. Now at the Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain (link)
2009–2015 Yang Dr. Yang Liu: Phylogeny of the Funariaceae and Pleurocarp Tree of Life
2011–2012  Jessica  Dr. Jessica Budke: Sporophyte development in Funariaceae (now at University of Tennessee)
2009–2011  Laura  Dr. Laura Forrest: liverwort chloroplast genomics (now Edinburgh Botanical Garden)
2007–2008  wickett  Dr. Norman Wickett: liverwort chloroplast genomics (now Chicago Botanical Garden and Northwestern University).