• orthotrichum crassifolium

Goffinet Lab

Phone: 860 486-5290
Address: Storrs Campus
Biology Pharmacy Bldg
Office: room 300
Lab: rooms 312 & 316

The research interests in this lab

cross organismal lines with projects focusing on liverworts, hornworts, mosses or lichen-forming fungi and span the fields of floristics and phylogeography, systematics and phylogeny, genome evolution and developmental biology.

Watch this video to know what EEB is all about in 2015.


  • Latest visit to Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve
    Bernard Goffinet spent a week in Chile, on Navarino Island and Punta Arenas, to participate further in the development of Ecotourism with a Hand Lens and associate programs in Environmental Ethics, led by Dr. Ricardo Rozzi. During the stay, Shaun Russel (Bangor University), Bernard, as well as student and staff of Omora Park offered a […]
    Posted on December 22, 2018
  • New publication on lichens
    Magain N., C. Truong, T. Goward, D. Niu, B. Goffinet, E. Sérusiaux, O. Vitikainen, F. Lutzoni & J. Miadlikowska. 2018. Global species delimitation of Peltigera section Peltigera (lichenized Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes) reveals high species richness with complex biogeographical history and symbiotic patterns of associations. Taxon 67: 836–870. pdf Abstract reads: This comprehensive phylogenetic revision of sections Peltigera and Retifoveatae of the cyanolichen genus […]
    Posted on October 3, 2018