• orthotrichum crassifolium

Goffinet Lab

Phone: 860 486-5290
Address: Mailing:
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
75 NorthEagleville road
University of Connecticut
Storrs CT

Storrs Campus
Biology Pharmacy Bldg
Room 300
Lab: rooms 312 & 316

The research interests in this lab

cross organismal lines with projects focusing on liverworts, hornworts, mosses or lichen-forming fungi and span the fields of floristics and phylogeography, systematics and phylogeny, genome evolution and developmental biology.

Watch this video to know what EEB is all about in 2015.


  • New publication on lichens
    Frye H.A., Z. Muscavitch & B. Goffinet. 2021. Discovery of epiphytic lichens in Connecticut suggests novel introduction and reintroduction via horticultural practices. The Bryologist 124: 191–197. pdf Abstract reads: The discovery of Teloschistes chrysophthalmus in Connecticut more than one hundred years since its last known occurrence is argued to result from human introduction. The species only […]
    Posted on April 15, 2021
  • Congratulations to Zach on NEAS & ASPT awards
    DOUBLE congratulations to Zach Muscavitch, co-advised by Drs. Louise Lewis and B. Goffinet for his recent grant of $500 from the Northeast Algal Society to explore the hidden diversity of the green algal genus Trebouxia lichenized with fungi of the Ramalinaceae, AND of $1,200 from the American Society of Plant Taxonomists to explore specificity in the association […]
    Posted on April 11, 2021
  • New publication on liverwort organellar genomes
    Dong S., S. Zhang, L. Zhang, H. Wu, B. Goffinet & Y. Liu. 2021. Plastid genomes and phylogenomics of the early land plant liverworts (Marchantiophyta): conserved genome structure and highest plastid substitution rates among three genetic compartments. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 161: 107171.  pdf  Google Scholar. Highlights We newly generated 42 complete liverwort plastomes spreading 13 […]
    Posted on April 5, 2021