• orthotrichum crassifolium

Goffinet Lab

Phone: 860 486-5290
Address: Storrs Campus
Biology Pharmacy Bldg
Office: room 300
Lab: rooms 312 & 316

The research interests in this lab

cross organismal lines with projects focusing on liverworts, hornworts, mosses or lichen-forming fungi and span the fields of floristics and phylogeography, systematics and phylogeny, genome evolution and developmental biology.

Watch this video to know what EEB is all about in 2015.


  • New publication on lichens
    Magain N., C. Truong, T. Goward, D. Niu, B. Goffinet, E. Sérusiaux, O. Vitikainen, F. Lutzoni & J. Miadlikowska. 2018. Global species delimitation of Peltigera section Peltigera (lichenized Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes) reveals high species richness with complex biogeographical history and symbiotic patterns of associations. Taxon 67: 836–870. pdf Abstract reads: This comprehensive phylogenetic revision of sections Peltigera and Retifoveatae of the cyanolichen genus […]
    Posted on October 3, 2018
  • Omora Park near Cape Horn
    A short YouTube video about Omora Park featuring Lily Lewis, former EEB and Goffinet lab Ph.D. student.
    Posted on September 21, 2018
  • New publication on lichens
    Liu D., B. Goffinet, X. Wang, J.-S. Hur, M. Yang, H. Shi, Y. Zhang, C. An & L Wang. 2018. Another lineage of basidiolichen in China, with one new species and new record in the genera Dictyonemaand Lichenomphalia (Agaricales: Hygrophoraceae). Mycosystema 37: 849–864. pdf.   Abstract reads: Several specimens of basidiolichen belonging to the Hygrophoraceae were collected as […]
    Posted on August 6, 2018