• orthotrichum crassifolium


  • New publication on mosses
    Zhang L., Q. Zuo, W.Z. Ma, J. Shevock, N. Patel, M. Johnson, R. Medina, N. Wilding & B. Goffinet. 2023. Phylogenomics resolves the rediscovered Himalayan endemic Brachymeniopsis gymnostoma (Bryophyta, Funariaceae), as a species of Entosthodon, prompting also the transfer of Clavitheca poeltii. Taxon 72: 1216–1227. pdf  Google Scholar Abstract reads: Traits of the spore-bearing generation […]
    Posted on December 4, 2023
  • New publication on bryophytes
    Bechteler J., G. Peñaloza-Bojacá, D. Bell, G. Burleigh, S. F. McDaniel, E. C. Davis, E. B. Sessa, A. Bippus, D. Christine Cargill, S. Chantanoarrapint, I. Draper, L. Endara, L. L. Forrest, R. Garilleti, S. W. Graham, S. Huttunen, J. Jauregui Lazo, F. Lara, J. Larraín, L. R. Lewis, D. G. Long, D. Quandt, K. Renzaglia, […]
    Posted on October 6, 2023
  • New publication on mosses
    Patel N., R. Medina, L.D. Williams, O. Lemieux, B. Goffinet & M.G. Johnson. Frequent allopolyploidy with distant progenitors in the moss genera Physcomitrium and Entosthodon (Funariaceae) identified via subgenome phasing of targeted nuclear genes. Evolution 77: 2561–2575. pdf Abstract reads: Allopolyploids represent a new frontier in species discovery among embryophytes. Within mosses, allopolyploid discovery is challenged […]
    Posted on September 29, 2023
  • New publication on lichens
    Magain N., J. Miadlikowska, B. Goffinet, T. Goward, I. Juriado, A. Simon, C.J. Pardo De la Hoz, J. Mercado-Diaz, T. Barlow, B. Moncada, R. Lücking, A. Spielmann, L. Canez, L.S. Wang, P. Nelson, T. Wheeler, F. Lutzoni & E. Sérusiaux. 2023. High species richness in the lichen genus Peltigera (Ascomycota, Lecanoromycetes): 34 species in the […]
    Posted on August 21, 2023
  • New publication on mosses
    Hu R., X. Li, Y. Hu, R. Zhang, Q. Lv, M. Zhang, X. Sheng, F. Zhao, Z. Chen, Y. Ding, H. Yuan, X. Wu, S. Xing, X. Yan, F. Bao, P. Wan, L. Xiao, X. Wang, W. Xiao, E.L. Decker, N. van Gessel, H. Renault, G. Wiedemann, N.A. Horst, F.B. Haas, P.K.I. Wilhelmsson, K. Ullrich, […]
    Posted on August 21, 2023

The research interests in this lab

cross organismal lines with projects focusing on liverworts, hornworts, mosses or lichen-forming fungi and span the fields of floristics and phylogeography, systematics and phylogeny, genome evolution and developmental biology. See Google Scholar site.

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