Undergraduate research and work opportunities

In Evolutionary Biology Fall 2019

As part of a study funded by the National Science Foundation focused on the evolutionary significance of whole genome duplication in plants (we use mosses as model systems) we seek to fill TWO POSITIONS WITH BIO or EEB majors interested in evolutionary biology (see advertisement: Undergraduate research and work opportunities):

  1. Maintain cultures of mosses: we establish and propagate cultures of mosses for genome analysis, reproduction biology experiments and morphological study
  2. Process DNA sample (extraction, amplification and sequencing) for phylogenetic analysis

Prerequisites: BIOL 1108 or BIOL 1110

Number of hours weekly: 6-8

Open for credit (1 credit = 3 hours) or compensation 

Deadline for application: Sept 6, 2019


Subject line: bryology position

The Goffinet Lab (see

We study the evolution and systematics of plants with a focus on mosses, liverworts, and hornworts, and also of fungi, namely those establishing permanent symbiotic associations, called lichens. Past undergrads have done projects addressing a variety of questions and acquiring experience in DNA extraction, amplification and sequencing, estimating genome size via flow cytometry, analysis of morphological traits, assessing phenotypic signatures following genome duplication, sterile cultures techniques for moss propagation, and lichen barcoding.