Internships for fall 2014

Our labs offers 2-3 internship opportunities this fall (2014).

For a 3 (EEB) credit internship students should devote 3 hours minimum in the lab or outside the lab on an assignment.

The concept of the internship is to provide a learning opportunity for undergraduates that may lead to the development of an independent study in the spring and perhaps a fellowship for a summer internship.

We seeks students to contribute to our projects by:

1. exploring genomic data to retrieve microsatellites loci and compose datasheets to be posted on our website

2. screen genomic sequences to assemble consensus sequences for particular loci

3. extracting DNA, amplifying discrete loci and sequencing them (this project requires that students are available in 3 hour slots during the week).

One position we are eager to fill is that for a student to get involved in our latest NSF funded research, on the evolution of the symbiotic relationship in a highly diverse group of lichen forming fungi. See here for more info on this project. For this we are looking for highly motivated students, eager to engage closely in a very exciting research project over the next year.

Eligibility: Sophomores and juniors, seniors may be considered; GPA > 3.0.


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