EEB 3240: Biology of bryophytes and lichens

Dinah_StictaThis course provides an introduction to the diversity, evolutionary history, ecological significance of bryophytes and lichens (i.e., lichenized fungi). With a combined richness of about 30,000 species these lineages occur in virtually every ecosystem and hence have a broad geographic and ecological distribution.

The lectures provide a basis for the laboratories where students explore the architecture of bryophytes and lichens, and discuss a selection of primary research articles on a specific topic.

The goals of this course and lab are for students to enhance their awareness of a typically overlooked component of biodiversity and develop their understanding of the evolutionary biology of bryophytes and lichens by applying acquired concepts in evolutionary biology and ecology. Students will become familiar with the developmental, evolutionary and ecological processes that may shape the morphological diversity, geographic distribution and ecological significance of these organisms.

Access to resources of this course is restricted to students enrolled in this class.

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