Seminar on Botanical Nomenclature (Spring 2024)

Weekly seminar to discuss articles of the Botanical Code of Nomenclature, which is available on-line.

When: Fridays 11.15AM–12.05PM

Where: PharmBio 303

We will rotate leadership of discussion, and depending on enrollment student may each present at least three topics (i.e., articles of the code).

Participants will prepare a powerpoint with the articles to be discussed complement with additional info as necessary.

Given current enrollment, each student would lead three discussions over the semester. No worries, this basically consists in presenting the articles to be discussed.

All students are expected to come prepared for the weekly discussion, meaning all should have read the articles.

The International Botanical Code is available on line, and links to the articles are provided in the schedule below.


Discussion leadership: 3 * 20 pts (preparation, presentation and discussion)

Discussion participation: 11 * 3 pts + 1 bonus!

Based on your score (Y) you would earn: A = 90%<Y≤100%; B = 80%<Y≤89%; C = 70%<Y≤79%; D = 60%<Y≤69%; F = Y≤59%

Schedule of topics

Date Topic Leader
Jan. 19 Preamble and Principles. Week1_introduction Bernard
Jan. 26 Chapter I (Art. 1–5) Taxa and their ranks (time permitting BG could talk about Tropicos & Mycobank) Ellie
Feb. 2 Chapter II (Art. 6–15) Status: article 6 Noah
Feb. 9 Chapter II (Art. 6–15) Typification: article 7 article 8 Brenden
Feb. 16 Chapter II (Art. 6–15) Typification:  article 9 article 10 Crystal
Feb. 23
Mar. 1 Chapter II (Art. 6–15) Priority: article 11 and article 12 Ellie
Mar. 8 Chapter II (Art. 6–15) Limitations on the status of priority: (article 13) article 14 Noah
Mar. 22 Chapter III (Art. 16 – 28) Nomenclature of taxa according to their rank: article 16, article 17, article 18 Brenden
Mar. 29 Chapter III (Art. 16 – 28) Nomenclature of taxa according to their rank: article 20, article 23 Crystal
Apr. 5 Effective publication: article 29article 30, article 31 Ellie
Apr. 12 Valid publication: article 32, article 33, article 35 Noah
Apr. 19 Valid publication: article 38, article 39, article 40
Apr. 26 Names of organisms treated as fungi See also Brenden