Current and past graduate students


Started 2020 Kristin Anderson Kristin Anderson (Ph.D., moss evolution)
Started 2019 Zach Muscavitch Zach Muscavitch (Ph.D., lichen symbiosis)


2019 Nasim2 Nasim Rahmatpour, Ph.D.: Pattern of gene expression during shift in ploidy and function in the moss Funaria hygrometrica
2018 Charlie_SM Charles Delavoi, M.Sc.
2015 Hannah_Gousse Hannah Gousse, BS/MS in conservation biology
2015 LLewis_Chile Lily Lewis,  Ph.D.Resolving bipolar phylogeographic histories in the common dung moss Tetraplodon (Bryopsida: Splachnaceae). Postdoc at University of Florida with Dr. Stuart McDaniel
2011 Jessica Jessica M. Budke, Ph.D.Examining the gametophytic calyptra and its role in sporophyte development of the moss Funaria hygrometrica Hedw. Joining the EEB Department at the University of Tennessee in fall 2016 as director of the herbarium.
2011 JuanCarlos Juan Carlos Villarreal, Ph.D.Origin and evolution of the hornwort Nothoceros aenigmaticus. Currently at the University of Laval, Quebec, Canada.
2007 Norm_2001 Norm Wickett, Ph.D.Chloroplast evolution in the non-photosynthetic liverwort Cryptothallus mirabilis). Currently faculty at Chicago Botanical Garden and Northwestern University.
2006  Jessica2 Jessica Budke, M.Sc.: Peristome development and phylogenetic relationships of the moss Timmia megapolitana Hedw. Stayed and completed Ph.D. (2011)
2006 Neva Hax, M.Sc.: Monograph of Bryoxiphium (Bryophyta). Then obtained a Master in Special Education at Boston College.