IAB 2021: Spruce Award nominations

On the occasion of the upcoming IAB meeting (July 6–9, 2021), the International Association of Bryologists awards the Spruce Award to an IAB member who has made important contributions to bryology, within the first 25 years of their career (dated from their first bryological publication).

    Previous recipients are: Recipients: Yoshinori Asakawa and Geneva Sayre (1983), Bill Steere (1987), Riclef Grolle (1999), Lewis Anderson (2005), Támas Pócs (2011) and Rob Gradstein(2013), Lars Hedenäs (2015) and Matt Renner (2019). Note that awards can only be received once.

    The adjudication committee is composed of Javier Martinez (chair), Silvia Pressel and Rui Liang ZhuFor questions pertaining to the nomination, contact Javier Martinez.

    Nominations for the award must be submitted by April 1st, 2021.

    IAB 2021: Spruce Award nominations

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