Congratulations to Olivia for Margaret F. Ertman Award

Olivia Lemieux, a graduating honors student who has been in the lab, mentoring by Niki and myself, has been awarded the Margaret F. Ertman Award in recognition of her significant accomplishments at University of Connecticut. Her project is entitled “Whole-range study reveals consistent hybrid nature and conserved progenitors of the North American endemic moss, Physcomitrium immersum.”

Each year, the Margaret F. Ertman Award is awarded to the outstanding senior across all four biology degree programs: Biological Sciences, EEB, MCB, and PNB. The student will have distinguished themselves both through outstanding scholarship in EEB, MCB, and PNB during their undergraduate career, and through original research conducted in biology (broadly defined) at UConn.

The Margaret F. Ertman Award was established in 1983 by Irvin L. Ertman (class of 1939) and Ronnie Ertman (class of 1941) in honor of their daughter Margaret F. Ertman (class of 1974). The award is based not only on your excellent presentation at the research colloquium but also on your superb academic performance throughout your UConn career.