New publication on mosses: Fontinalis genome

Fontinalis antipyreticaYu J., L. Li, S. Wang, S. Dong, Z. Chen, N. Patel, B. Goffinet, H. Chen, H. Liu & Y. Liu. 2021. Draft genome of the aquatic moss Fontinalis antipyretica (Fontinalaceae, Bryophyta). Gigabyte (online November 2020). pdf

Abstract readMosses comprise one of three lineages forming a sister group to extant vascular plants. Having emerged from an early split in the diversification of embryophytes, mosses may offer complementary insights into the evolution of traits following the transition to, and colonization of, land. Here, we report the draft nuclear genome of Fontinalis antipyretica  (Fontinalaceae, Hypnales), a charismatic aquatic moss that is widespread in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. We sequenced and de novo-assembled its genome using the 10X Genomics method. The genome comprises 385.2 Mbp, with a scaffold N50 of 45.8 Kbp. The assembly captured 87.2% of the 430 genes in the BUSCO Viridiplantae odb10 dataset. The newly generated F. antipyretica genome is the third moss genome, and the second seedless aquatic plant genome, to be sequenced and assembled to date.