Below your feet: new exhibit on mosses

Picture of wall with moss picturesAn exhibit of nine high resolution images of mosses from New England and Chile, printed on 5 ft metal sheets is on display at Wilbur Cross, on the UCONN campus. The material was collected and photographed by Bernard Goffinet and Mark Smith using the Macropod technology.

While the exhibit can be visited now, it will formally open after the constraints imposed by the pandemic have eased.

This exhibit was designed and installed by Collin Harty and funded by the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History, with additional support from a National Science Foundation grant entitled Collaborative research: Diversity of the moss Physcomitrium pyriforme: significance of autopolyploidy within a phylogenomic and experimental framework, awarded to Bernard Goffinet in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (No. DEB-1753811).

Special thanks are extended to the Universidad de Magallanes, Instituto de Ecología & Biodiversidad, and Omora Ethnobotanical Park for facilitating collection of species in Chile.