The lab at Botany 2020

Logo for Botany 2020 conferenceThe annual meeting of the Botanical Society of America starts tomorrow. Initially planned to take place in Alaska, it was converted into a virtual conference. The lab is contributing (to) four presentations:

Regular talk:

Patel, N., R. Medina, M.G. Johnson & B. Goffinet. 2020. Autopolyploidy contributes to cryptic speciation in mosses. Abstract 738.

Lightning talks:

Williams L.,N. Patel, R. Medina, B. Goffinet& M. Johnson. 2020. Methods to delimit speciation and determine population parameters of the moss Physcomitrium pyriforme using target capture sequencing. Abstract 400.

Buckowing, K., Y. Liu, A.J. Shaw, B.Goffinet, N.J. Wickett & M.G. Johnson. 2020. Expanded phylotranscriptomic sampling reveals gene family expansion in pleurocarpous mosses. Abstract 523.


Anguloa J., M.G. Johnson, L. Pokorny, R. Medina, Y. Liu, B. Goffinet, A.J. Shaw & N.J. Wickett. 2020. Reconstructing the rapid radiation of pleurocarpous mosses using 802 nuclear genes. Abstract 605.